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JUICY, my ode to female orgasms. Something every woman deserves to experience.

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Global Money World

"Jo Sarah brings something super smooth and super sexy on the new song “Juicy”. The music is sexy in not a raunchy way but an elegant tastefulness to it, that shines in the metaphoric references in the writing that comes to life majorly in the visuals, that gives you nice nods all throughout. Jo Sarah brings the perfect tone to deliver it all, with a vocal performance that makes you feel the energy of every word, as she glides through the production with ease.

Jo Sarah’s “Juicy” is a superb record that shines in its creativity to give the people something enjoyable for every second. In a time where the vibe of the record is crucial, she gives you something you can feel in every way with a sound that you can hit play and let your mind run free with its wildest thoughts.".

Het Parool


Speed on the Beat

Afropop producer

Tekno Miles (@kingofafropop)

"I've seen and heard Juicy, and I really love it"

The Word is Bond

"Juicy is in the weekly top 5 videos!"

"Jo Sarah's Juicy sounds seductively smooth, this song is great. If you need something to make you feel confident in your ability to come and make you feel sexy and like a superhero all in one, I think this is the one.

I’m not a woman but I’d recommend this one to anyone, man or woman. The song is a bop and it’s not as raunchy as some other songs on the topic."

Jo Sarah Dec shoot 2022_edited.jpg
Jo Sarah Dec shoot 2022_edited.jpg

Jo Sarah is an Amsterdam-based artist & producer. She has been inspired by the cultures she grew up in around the world and her multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese), as well as artists like Sade, Sting, and Jill Scott and genres like Brazilian music, and R&B. Her music fuses her warm, deep and unique vocals to create a melting pot of interesting stories which can be heard in her productions and experienced in the instruments she plays which include: piano, guitar, ukelele, and percussion.

After her first EP, called ‘Citizen of the World’ and a successful EP tour, Jo Sarah started traveling back and forth between Brazil and The Netherlands. During her time in Brazil, she discovered her new sound inspired by the rhythms of Brazil and female empowerment. In her new music, which oozes tropical bass with a hint of R&B and jazz, she speaks about the female side of things and advocates for women to love, accept and stand up for themselves.

In 2019 Jo Sarah released the song ‘GLOW’ produced by Brazilian producer Felipe Pomar. Glow makes you dance to the Brazilian baile funk beat and is about women who feel confident and have that ‘glow’ about them.

Jo Sarah released her 2nd single ‘ME’ on her 30th birthday. ‘ME’ features Zuco 103 singer Lilian Vieira, and is about ‘self-love’ and body positivity. The video clip of ME is a colorful 3-minute video of self-love, body acceptance, and parades all kinds of people from different cultures, ages, genders, and body shapes dancing.


Jo Sarah’s single ‘Venha Cá’ is an all Portuguese song in the style of Zouk/Reggaeton, produced by multi-gold producer Ramon Ginton and co-composed by Jo Sarah & renowned musicians Nathaniël Klumperbeek & Yariv Vroom. The videoclip of ‘Venha cá’ shows a glimpse of the beauty of Salvador, Bahia.

Jo Sarah’s next song ‘No Wifi’ is about having that longing to go far far away to a paradise with your love where there is no wifi, no worries, and no pandemic. 'No Wifi' is produced by renowned Brazilian producer Felipe Pomar and co-written by Jo Sarah. The music video of No Wifi is a production by Jo Sarah and was shot while she was on vacation in the South of France and in Austria. 

'Juicy', Jo Sarah's newest single, is an ode to the female orgasm, and all the juiciness it brings. This song, produced by Coach Music & co-produced by Jo Sarah, celebrates the beauty and the power of female pleasure in a new, fresh & unique way.

Juicy is officially the first single of Jo Sarah's newest project called 'UMA' - meaning 'Woman' in Sranan Tongo (the official language of Surinam) - which will be a compilation of songs about female sexuality, its’ taboos, and her personal experiences on these subjects.

"Jo Sarah has a unique talent for composing interesting songs where different styles all over the world blend together." 
- Izaline Calister

Adrienne West

Broadway actress & Jazz vocalist

"...the music that Jo Sarah creates is feeding your soul"

Martin Fondse

Oscar & Edison award-winning pianist & composer

"Jo Sarah is an alpha female when she sings.

She also has a very unique and soulful sound!”

Yuri Honing

Boy Edgar award-winning saxophonist

"Jo Sarah really has an original and authentic sound"


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with Kromosons in Salvador, Brasil

Odeon Theatre, Zwolle - Citizen of the World tour

live performance with Olaia, Amsterdam

with NSJ Orchestra in Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht

Odeon Theatre, Zwolle - Citizen of the World tour

Banner Juicy (2048 × 1140 px) (1).png
Jo Sarah photo (live) 3_edited.jpg
  • 2021  Rosniyom, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

  • 2021  Latin Night - Nice, Cotê D'azur, France

  • 2021  Jo Sarah Solo - De Cultuurfabriek, Veenendaal

  • 2021  Pynarello, Jo Sarah & Baer Traa Summer of Love tour - Concerthall De Vereeniging, Nijmegen

  • 2021  Pynarello, Jo Sarah & Baer Traa Summer of Love tour - Theater de Flint, Amersfoort

  • 2021  Pynarello, Jo Sarah & Baer Traa Summer of Love tour - Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam

  • 2021  Live performance ft Olaia - Amsterdam

  • 2020 Teatro SESI - Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

  • 2019  Encontro com Fatima Bernades - Globo TV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2019  Beco do Rato, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2019  Carioca da Gema, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2019  Triboz, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 2015  Jo Sarah presents - Hedon, Zwolle

  • 2015  Opening for Zuco 103 - Vondelpark openluchttheater, Amsterdam

  • 2015  Citizen of the World Tour - 

  • 2014  NSJ Orchestra ft Jo Sarah - Tivoli Vredenburg

  • 2014  NSJ Orchestra ft Jo Sarah - SugarFactory

  • 2014  Citizen of the World - Theatre Odeon, Zwolle

Jo Sarah Dec shoot 2022.3.png

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