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Jo Sarah is an Amsterdam-based artist. She has been inspired by the cultures she grew up in around the world and her multicultural roots (Dutch & Surinamese).

Are you longing to go far far away to a paradise where there is no wifi, no pandemic, no worries? Well that’s exactly what Jo Sarah’s newest song ‘No Wifi’ is about.

'No Wifi' is produced by renowned Brazilian producer Felipe Pomar and co-written by Jo Sarah. With it’s throbbing Kizomba beat and Jo Sarah’s sensual and inviting vocals, this tropical bass tune makes you want to drop everything and take your lover to a place of bliss, no worries, no wifi.

The music video of No Wifi is a production by Jo Sarah and was shot while she was on vacation in the South of France and in Austria. So what are you waiting for? Go and listen to 'No Wifi' and bathe yourself in this fantasy! ‘No Wifi’ is available on all music platforms!


Stay tuned for more songs coming this year!